Clear Bra Paint Protection Film

The second largest purchase in a persons life is their vehicle.  Protect your investment with a world class Paint Protection Film from Xpel at Ressler Motors. Remember back in the 80’s when all of the nice cars had a big black nylon cloth “bra” on the front end to protect it from scratches and rock chips? On some cars this looked pretty good and even a little “sporty.” But on most it was pretty tacky and would even cause damage, discoloration and noise.  Then came the “Clear Bra.”  A non-descript protective film that is clear and adheres seamlessly to your vehicles surfaces and protects from damage and discoloration.  Here at Ressler we use the Xpel Paint Protective Film because of its unique properties that last – no peeling, cracking, yellowing or blistering.

Clear Bra Paint Protective Film

We live in Montana and that has significant impact on our vehicles.  Stones, sand, gravel are always on our roads.  This is due to erosion, wind and, in the winter, to provide better driving conditions. This is great for our vehicles in terms of rust and corrosion but it is a death sentence for our front end paint surfaces.  This “debris” is thrown up by other vehicles and smashes against a non-flexible paint painted on a non-flexible surface.  Somethings got to give and it is the paint.  Our flexible durable and deflecting film protects your car or truck from the sand blasting effects of everyday driving in Montana.

Don’t wait another day to protect your investment! We want to apply the protective film or clear bra as soon as we can to keep your vehicle looking great.  We will apply to the protective film to older vehicles too, its never too late to start preventing further damage.  Worried about the cost?  A vehicle that has a had a clear bra, on average, is worth $1K more than a vehicle that has not.  This nearly doubles the value of the original clear bra application.

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